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Group CPT (Centre Physique Théorique, UMR7332)

 Research topics
  • The realization of the part dealing with the Extreme Value Theory of the ModTerCom project relies on the members of the Dynamical systems team of the CPT: Sandro Vaienti and Xavier Leoncini. They are specialists in the theoretical methods of statistical analysis of dynamical systems (invariant measures, decreasing correlations, limit laws).
  • Their work within the ModTerCom project will focus to: 1) Investigation of the of the evolution of the global observables such as temperature, velocity, density and/or mean energy, via extreme value theory with the aim is to provide a detailed description of the nature of the observed extreme fluctuations. 2) Investigation of the influence of the small and meso-scales structures to the global statistical properties of the fluid flow models.