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Group LATP (Laboratoire d'Analyse Topologie et Probabilités, UMR 7353)

 Research topics
  • The realization of the numerical part of the ModTerCom project relies essentially on the members of the Applied Analysis team of the LATP Marseille: Thierry Gallouet, Raphaël Herbin and Jean Claude Latché. They are specialists in the theoretical and numerical analysis of the partial differential equations. Concerning the numerical methods, they focus in particular on finite element and finite volume methods, and on wavelets, multigrid and domain decomposition methods.
  • The main objectives of this team within the ModTerCom project is to establish stable and convergent numerical methods by constructing a numerical analogy to the existence theory for the weak solutions and to provide tools of evaluating the quality of these numerical schemes on the basis of the relative entropy inequality.
  • In order to achieve these goals, the LATP group will closely collaborate with members of the IMATH group, in particular with Mehmet Ersoy, Cédric Galusinski, Antonin Novotny. One part of the thesis of David Maltese supervised jointly by Thierry Gallouet and Antonin Novotny will be devoted to the error analysisi of some numerical schemes for the compressible Navier-Stokes system by using the relative entropy methods.